Global Cups has a mission to promote recycled eco-friendly food service packaging products for safe, functional, economic and environmental benefits. Our vision is to expand and enhance the acceptance of eco-friendly recycled packaging in all single-use food service products.

Consumer survey estimates that in the United States, over 58 billion disposable cups are discarded to landfill that contains chlorine or bleach, annually. That's 158 disposable cups for every US inhabitant. Furthermore, approximately 500 billion bleached or chlorine based disposable cups are manufactured around the world; that's about 75 disposable cups for every single person on the planet, and, placed end to end, those cups could circumnavigate the earth 100 times. These statistics just echo the growing need for eco-friendly re-cycled paper products for the single service consumable products sector, which are sustainable and environmentally safe for production and disposal after use.

At Global Cups, we are diligently working towards our social obligation and responsibility while maintaining a viable work environment and providing equal opportunity.